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The effect materials can have fascinates me. There is beauty in the ambivalence of heaviness and lightness and the relationship between permanence and fragility. On this occasion, I require the materials to educe a special atmosphere, a sentiment. This happens through spontaneity and intuition. The urge for a harmonious balance culminates in the form of an aesthetic work which corresponds to my understanding of beauty. The intuition harnesses the concealed possibilities which lie in the materials. It is an attempt to bring together objects and emotions and immerse them in a phenomenon that surrounds us all.  Nothing is without reverence.


Every viewer creates a connection between the piece and his own imagination. Subjective points of view emphasize different levels of meaning. One sees what one sees when one experiences and feels a tension between emotions and rationality. Despite each viewer?s initial experience of the object being different, each one guided by his or her own speculation and personal experience, they are all granted with access to a new reality.


I see, in my work, a metaphorical view of the world.